“Τhe lost text”, a video walk by Nina Pappa at the Epigraphical Museum

The presentation of the video-walk took place at Friday the 18th of October at the Epigraphical Museum

Visual artist Nina Pappa presents her work titled “The Lost Text”, an interactive video walk through the Epigraphic Museum. The video walk takes visitors on a multilevel walk through the space housing the exhibits; a complex audiovisual experience of the world of epigraphy that will introduce them to with the work and experiences of epigraphists.

At the heart of the video walk are the inscriptions and the scholars who study them.

Distinguished Greek and foreign epigraphists welcome us into their space and reveal notes, manuscripts, photographs, books, slides and imprints through which they describe the particular research methods. They tell us stories about their time-consuming and impassioned attempts to decipher the faded texts and assemble the fragmented inscriptions.

The Museum’s scientific staff also talks about the inscriptions, describes its daily routine, and shows us around areas that are closed to the public.

The video walk is based on the practice of site-specific visual interventions, the tradition of documentary film, and the sensory dynamics of augmented reality techniques. It is the first time such a project has been performed in a Greek museum.

“The Lost Text” was made with the collaboration of the Epigraphic Museum’s scientific staff; The Greek Epigraphic Society; The American School of Classical Studies at Athens; the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut Athen; The Sara B. Aleshire Center for the Study of Greek Epigraphy, University of California, Berkeley; and the Inscriptiones Graecae der Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. It was sponsored by the Ioannis F. Costopoulos Foundation and the A.G. Leventis Foundation. Its production was coordinated by Delta Pi.


Video: Nina Pappa
Editing: Yorgos Kravvaritis
Scientific Associates: Angelos P. Matthaiou, Athanasios Themos, Elena Zavvou, Eirini Choremi

Warm thanks to
Nikos Anastasopoulos, Katharina Brandt, Ioanna Damanaki, Dipylon, the Epigraphical Museum employees, Klaus Hallof, Joachim Heiden, Georges Galanes, Yannis Kalliontzis, Georgia Karageorgi, Mary Kitroeff, Eleni Lyra, Georgia Malouchou, Theodoros Mavridis, Lia Morianou, Jenifer Neils, Nikos Papazarkadas, Meletis Pappas, Dimitris Skourogiannis, Connie Stroud, Ronald Stroud, Dimitris Theodoropoulos, Ioanna Venieri, Νatalia Vogeikov, Eleana Yalouri, Artemis Zenetou, Leslie L. Threatte, John Traill, Dimitris Papaioannou, Jutta Stroszeck

Who is Who

Nina Pappa
She is a visual artist, and an Assistant Professor and Director of the Painting Workshop at the School of Architecture and Engineering, NTUA, Athens. She received her Ph.D. from the NTUA’s School of Architecture and Engineering. She attended the postgraduate program at MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS) of the MIT and received a BA degree in Painting and a BA degree in Sculpture from the Athens School of Fine Arts.

In recent years, her work has incorporated documentary elements. It deals with the subject of time, writing and the human voice. Her works include recordings and videos that capture particular ways of communicating and behaving, e.g., recordings of people waiting or conversations with researchers who have a particular way of doing research.

She has shown her work at 7 solo exhibitions (1992-2013) and has participated in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. She is a founding member of the Errands group. She lives and works in Athens. (http://www.ninapappa.com, http://errands.gr)

Nina Pappa, “The lost text”, a video-walk


Duration: 40 minutes
The Epigraphical Museum
1 Tositsa Street, Athens

Visiting days & hours
every day except Tuesday
08:30 – 16:00
Entrance: 4 euros (until 31 Oct.)
2 euros (from 1 Nov. to 31 Mar.)

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