Gaffurio Apartments: A success story in Milan’s Airbnb’s

By Christina P. Mallaki

During my Milan visit, I had the pleasure, for the first time in my life, to stay at an Airbnb. Not an ordinary one though. A cluster of Airbnb’s, at an amazing Italian aristocratic building, created by a man that left his small town in the South when he was 21 years old and after a lot of studying, hard work and challenges, he managed to reinvent himself and with the right partners, succeed in offering the Milanese market state of the art apartments for rent. These apartments are the Gaffurio Apartments!

The Gaffurio Apartments, or better yet the Gaffurio Building, is situated in the second most famous area in Milan. Exactly next to the Central Station, from where one can travel to all major cities in Italy and capitals of Europe. Located a few minutes walk from Milano Central Station then, one is easily connected to the M1 and M2 subway lines via the Lima and Caiazzo stops. This privately owned building, with the sixteen apartments of different sizes (from studio to four-room apartments) is intended for connoisseurs of short-term rentals. Each renovated apartment is equipped and furnished as if it were an immediately modern habitable home and is complete with all the necessary elements one might need when away traveling.

Centralized warming, air conditioning, complimentary fast WiFi, a kitchen equipped with a microwave and a Nespresso coffee machine, a washer and a dryer, an ironing board and an iron, a hair dryer, a medical cabinet, a cot, a high chair and a baby bath! On top of everything, a high tech security door in every unit and a code system at the entrance of the building are installed, to ensure security maximisation and therefore, allow any visitor staying in the same apartment to be able to come and go as they please without having to share keys, etc.

Cameras in the common areas are also there to guarantee the maximum safety of the short-term visitors. Each apartment, marked by a letter to be easily found, is perfect even for a self check-in. Last but certainly not least, there is luggage storage available in the building, something that we used, since we decided to travel at the last minute to two amazing nearby cities, Verona and Como, as in Lake Como. Who is next?

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