MCM’s AW24 collection “From Munich to Mars” presented in Milan Fashion Week

By Christina P. Mallaki
MCM’s Autumn/Winter 2024 collection that was just launched in Milan Fashion Week was even better that I had imagined. Drawing inspiration from Munich’s rich cultural tapestry, where the house’s iconic design codes were founded, the collection conceptualizes MCM’s boundary-breaking approach to innovation through a journey, “from Munich to Mars”, where the codes evolve and transcend to new frontiers. The combination of tradition, heritage craftsmanship, innovation and futurism conveyed a sense of versatility and ethos at the highest degree.

The brands Creative Director, Katie Chung, unveiled at Palazzo Serbelloni, two different, yet perfectly coexisting worlds, Earth and Mars. The Palazzo was absolutely mesmerising to visit and was definitely the best place for such a collection. To be exact, it gave a more vivid boost to the whole meaning of the designers remarkable work.

Transcending between two portals, MCM’s Autumn/Winter ’24 collection, gives a fresh look to heritage pieces, proposing a new, more innovative perspective on luxury. My personal favourite Diamante 3D, new “it shape” and the fact that the brand just broke new frontiers in sustainability with the MIRIUM® Capsule items and its plant-based leather alternatives, proudly showed us an advancement in Eco-concious luxury!

The unique Black Label line, an evolution of elegance, and the establishment of Laurel Denim Jacquard, Monogram Re-Nylon, metallic leather, and refined grain leather, were a must see. The Silver Swarowski Ballerinas, the Monogrammed Moccasins, the metallic snow boots, the new eyewear partnership with Marcolin that were exclusively presented through new virtual try on technology, Deepixel and the new floral fragrance MCM Crush, completed impeccably the brands vibe.

This time, MCM and Harper Collective – the visionary lifestyle luggage brand co-founded by Jaden Smith and Sebastian Manes– tease a Sustainable Travel Lifestyle Brand Collaboration, pioneering eco-conscious luxury with three distinct suitcase silhouettes.

A forward thinking and versatile brand, perfect for the daily commuter or the globetrotter, showcasing functionality and post-modern style!

As the President and Brand & Commercial Officer Sabine Brunner perfectly put it, “MCM was founded with a spirit of innovation and independence, redefining luxury since its inception. With a commitment to craftsmanship, versatility, and inclusivity, MCM empowers individuals to explore the world without boundaries, both physically, virtually and beyond.”

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