Viva Italia Sunday Brunch by Dorothea Mercuri!

Every New Year brings new beginnings and new collaborations at the St.George Lycabettus!
This year starting January 15th, actress, model and cook, Dorothea Mercuri will be joining us every Sunday at La Suite Lounge rooftop restaurant where she will take us on a journey to Italy and sharing with us recipes, aromas and secrets of the traditional Mercuri cuisine.

Dorothea Mercuri

Spend your Sunday with friends and family at La Suite Lounge enjoying the award-winning view of the Acropolis and the city as far as the Saronic Islands.

Dorothea Merkouri gives us a taste of authentic Italian cuisine with recipes from southern and northern Italy. The menu contains Pasta al Limone, Lasagna al forno, Focaccia, Tiramisu along with traditional antipasti. Dorothea will be offering her al dente pasta recipes with carefully selected ingredients in the greek and italian market. 

Penne al pomodoro

At the  buffet you will find fresh salads, bagels, croissants, eggs benedict, mini burgers and more. Mix n Match yogurt bar with superfood toppings as well as energy boosters, cucumber & mint infused water and lemon & ginger shots.
But also worth trying are the new Acai bowls, crushed avocado toast & organic poached eggs with asparagus from the a la carte menu.
At Sweet Corner you won’t be able to resist the Red velvet muffins, mini donuts, cheesecake, carrot, cake, pancakes and the impressive chocolate fountain.

As usual will be joining us with creative games & activities for our little friends.
Children’s movie & popcorn 16:00 -18:00

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content! “

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